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RTX-Equipped Gaming Laptops

Alienware Territory 51m arrangement gaming PC rentals pack the sort of gigantic force that you’d anticipate from a work area into a smooth, versatile structure. For gaming competitions in littler settings or occasions that switch among reassure and PC gaming, Alienware Region 51m arrangement gaming PCs offer in a hurry play without giving up performance.

Boasting work area class equipment, the Region 51m arrangement doesn’t baffle. Completely stacked with a ground-breaking 9-age Intel processor and GForce RTX 280 designs cards, Territory 51m workstations additionally include up to 64GB DDR4 Smash and M.2 NVME SSD up to 2TB. This workhorse conveys the force, execution, and ongoing interaction capacity that you’d anticipate from a work area in an increasingly sensible size. 

MSI Titan GT Series

If you’re searching for a gaming PC rental that is a genuine beast, look no further than MSI Titan GT arrangement gaming PC rentals. Worked to look intense in any event, when it’s not conveying next-level ongoing interaction, the Titan is a behemoth than can stand its ground against any gaming desktop. 

Equipped with Intel’s i9-9900K and the GForce RTX 280, the Titan is fit for conveying unrivaled ongoing interaction on even the most requesting titles, a large portion of them even at 4K. Outfitted with monstrous vents for cooling and a 17.3-inch 4K show, the Titan GT arrangement packs a huge amount of intensity and execution into a PC form. 

Acer Helios Predator 700

Armed with a GForce RTX 280 GPU and Intel Center i9-9980HK, Acer Helios Predator 700 gaming PC rentals can effectively handle most any game you toss at it – even at their most elevated settings. At the point when you need force and execution in a smooth structure, the Helios Predator conveys all that you need.

Boasting a 17.3-inch 144 Hz board, 32GB of DDR4-2666 Slam, and a 1TB PCle-NVMe SSD, the Predator additionally includes G-Sync for smooth, sans tear ongoing interaction. All that force creates a ton of warmth. That is the reason Acer incorporated a console and deck slide-out that they call the HyperDrift console. The HyperDrift slides down to uncover additional air admissions to keep all the segments cool while overclocking, with the deck and touchpad serving twofold obligation as a wrist rest when the case is pulled down. 

Portability that doesn’t forfeit performance offers a wide assortment of RTX-prepared gaming PC rentals and different alternatives to address the issues of your next gaming competition or event. Get a quote for the entirety of your RTX-prepared gaming work area rental needs today!

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